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Hi Friend! 


So glad you decided to pay my site a visit!  I'm here doing what I do....helping others RISE and I am extending a personal invitation for you to join me on my journey!  

SheRise Up is a place where I simply share pieces of me as a mom, as a wife, and as a minister. Bottom line....It's Just Me!  Uh oh, I said it 'minister'. Please don't let the word make you exit the page. So often we hear that one word and we automatically think...preacher.  It is my desire that we begin to understand ministry is about much more than a pulpit on Sunday morning.  Ministry, my friend is a way of living. Our assignment is to pour into the lives of our sisters (and our brothers) around us.  To promote a positive energy that helps us all reach the top of the stairs!  Remember....when SHE rises HE rises!  

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