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Just Knock

So what! The enemy backed you into a corner and he thinks you are going down. We've all been there. He has you down and the referee has started the count. He may even be waiting for you to tap out. It happens but not this time. We are able to knock and the door shall be opened. This time, the enemy got it wrong. He thought you were tapping out but you were just knocking. Now all that's left to do is hold on because help is on the way. I have been in that place so many times. But every time, God showed up! My husband and I had been waiting for something to happen. We found ourselves in a place where we weren't doubting God but we were certainly doubting our own decisions. Then....He showed up in a suddenly fashion that blew our minds. Things began to fall into place just as we had trusted. The enemy thought we were giving up, but we understood that there is 1 Source....and the Source of our strength showed up Mighty & Strong.

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