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"My 2 Cents"

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My Two Cents

At a time when racial tension seems to be at an all-time high, isn’t it precious that this one bold soldier said we need to do better. Why is Sunday considered the most segregated day of the week? This 1 precious soul looked beyond the obvious and just saw people. Isn’t that what Jesus does for all of us? He looks at us and all He sees are God’s children. Not color, not sex, not race. With Him there is no need to pretend. We are able to just be ourselves. Isn’t that amazing! We are able to be exactly who we are and He loves us in spite of us! Love has no color. Love just does what it knows how to do and that’s lift. In other words love helps others RISE! But let us not forget that love isn’t love until you give it away! Keep Rising!

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