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Loud does NOT mean clear

My family and I reside in a rural area where the neighbors are few but the peace is beyond measure. As a result, our cell phone service is sometimes the absolute worse. Sometimes, while on the road like everyone else, I make phone calls. Perhaps to pass the time more quickly and sometimes it is the most time I have to spend chatting with friends in a quiet space. When I get to a certain area, without fail the call starts going in and out. When that happens, I notice that both parties get louder and louder and just like the famous commercial we are shouting "Can you hear me now"? More often than not, the answer is no! I'm not sure who coined the phrase loud and clear but it's time for us to realize that the 2 words don't necessarily always go together. We are living in a society where everyone wants to be heard. Unfortunately there are times when we want it so badly that we feel the only way to get the attention we seek is to be the loudest in the room! Sister, talking louder in the midst of a fading call doesn't make anyone hear you any clearer on the phone or in life! Lighten up...soften up. Be your gentle self. Let those with an ear to hear...hear!

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