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It's How You See It!

A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting with a beautiful sister of mine to just talk! As always, the meeting turned into a strategic session as we discussed some upcoming events. As we prepared to leave, she prayed with me and the weight lifted in that moment was one I didn't even realize I was carrying. Less than an hour later, my car broke down! I wasn't completely surprised because I knew the devil was mad; however, I was frustrated. I needed to get my daughter from school. As God handled that situation my frustration continued to grow as I waited for the tow truck. I finally decided to call a different company and they were there in no time. As this gentleman stepped out of the truck I smiled and told him I was glad to see him. Imagine my surprise when he smiled back but didn't verbally reply. It didn't take long for me to realize that he wasn't being rude...he was deaf! I had never ridden in a car with a deaf person before! How often do we see a person who is not like us and we immediately place limits on them? This guy was one of the kindest people I'd met in a long time. He opened the door and helped me up into the truck. Once he got in he handed me a notepad with a question on it. At this point, I was really excited because while I don't necessarily know sign language, I am able to sign my letters. The entire ride, I thought about how comfortable he must be in who he is! How brave he must've been to even go for his license and here he was driving this huge truck. I was quiet as I felt the vibration of other cars around us. This moment was powerful and it spoke to my heart! We have to stop looking at people and expecting them to fit our norm! We are all God's and the only limits are those we set. I am grateful for the 20 minute ride I took that day. I am glad I had the opportunity to experience the kindness of the driver. I walked away reminded that life isn't about what we see but how we see it! May we all see the unlimited potential in each of us as God's children! We are created in His image and it is good!

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