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Colorless Love

My family and I recently visited a predominately, Caucasian church. As it turned out, it was an ordination service. We enjoyed worship and everyone around us was extremely kind. As we prepared to leave, several people (including the pastor) approached us to ask our names and to invite us back. One after another, we shook hands and told them who we were. Even one of the recently ordained pastor’s made his way to the parking lot, as we were getting in our car, to introduce himself. I thought, “What a nice gesture.” However, the most memorable was one beautiful older lady, with an English accent, who said, “Please come back and bring some people with you.” While harmless, I considered her request bold and perhaps somewhat direct. No she didn’t say it but we knew that was she meant was come back and bring some more black people. This beautiful spirit wanted us to know that she saw us as we were, and it was okay with her.

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