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Welcome to SheRise Ministries where our work is designed to enhance the lives of wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters by encouraging hearts of hope and minds of purpose!  

Founder, Sherise Lindsay,motivates women to live life intentionally set on POSITIVE!  She believes that doing so not only eliminates room for negative energy but also provides the best opportunity to elevate your life!

Sherise Lindsay



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WOTR (Women on the Rise) Corner

W.O.T.R highlights women who are RISING.  In this space we acknowledge the work of women who are stepping out, stepping up, and providing light to everyone in the house.  Take notice...........

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In Mom and Minster, Sherise Lindsay gives a real account of how she answered God's Call on her life to fulfill the roles of wife, mom, and minister. She candidly shares her questions about her Call: 

The Who
The What
The When
The Where
The Why

Mom and Minster is an encouragement for women everywhere to accept God's Call on their life no matter what facet of ministry the Call may be. Sherise drives home the message that we don't have to choose between our roles, but accept them with dependence on God's strength and guidance to fulfill.

Sherise also poignantly shares the personal struggles of how the world of drugs negatively affected her childhood. However, surrounded by angels, God allows her to be lifted to a place of Grace where she sees herself in His Image.

Join her on a spiritual journey that challenges all to RISE to an elevated position of power, promise, and purpose.

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This is Cassandra.  

She is a NY Giants fan and says:


I love it and can't wait to sport it!


I would like to honor and congratulate  a Woman of God that's compassionate about Ministry and the vision God has given her.  I've  purchased the "She Rise"  apparel and I Love it. The material and style is comfortable, and most importantly is the message for every woman.

"She Rise"

When you remain true to thine own self and to God, there is nothing that he will withhold from you. Children are for signs and wonders and as
This book is a MUST HAVE! Everyone I know I'm suggesting they buy and READ this book. It has blessed me beyond measure. Once I started reading it I couldn't eat sleep or drink. I simple=y wanted to get to the end. This book let me know that God can make a Miracle in the midst of a mess! Your ISNESS doesn't determine your SHALLNESS!
parents you never know WHO you are really giving birth to. Please keep your children covered and protected!

~Amazon Customer

I know this author and she is a true inspiration. This book reads like you are just sitting in your living room having a chat with your best friend. It will leave you inspired and seeking your own God-given purpose. I am looking forward to what she publishes next.

~Amazon Customer

Mom or/and Minister: A Journey to The Call by Sherise Lindsay is definitely a page-turner that will have you crying, laughing, smiling and reflecting. While reading this book I experienced all of those emotions at once and found myself in a reflective state about the call on my life. It was as if Sherise was telling part of my story. I dealt with some of the same issues with mom even losing her in 2016. And now as I sit I reflect on my purpose. I'm encouraged to step up and step out. Thank you for helping me to see that I am not alone is what I am feeling, what I have experienced, and even in my thoughts. Thank you for being transparent.



Book Reviews

Matthew 5:15 No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket.  Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand where it gives light to everyone in the house.

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